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Designed and Produced in South Africa

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All sorts of 4x4 accessories to get you out there and having a blast!

We know you like hitting the big wide world with some adventure, so why not get into your Jimny and do it in style? We have tons of fun accessories that will make your drive even more exciting.
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About Us

Off-road accessories like you've never seen! Imagine a world where tough, durable products are based on clever design and high quality materials. Stop imagining and live the reality at RockBird 4x4, makers of some pretty innovative off-road gear, that doesn’t compromise safety or performance properties when driving across rough terrain. We developed this off-road gear for South Africa’s four-wheel enthusiasts who want something more than what they can get from mainstream companies. Come rock and hopefully not roll with us!

Contact Us

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Visits at premisses strictly with pre-booked appointment. Covid is real.
Our address
110 Ravel Street Vanderbijlpark Gauteng South Africa
Open hours
Daily 8:00 AM — 5:00 PM